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Byron and Jennifer are both accomplished public speakers and facilitators. Both have backgrounds in the psychology of organizations, be it a family or a workplace. This includes Jennifer’s graduate work and scholarship in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Their mutual experience includes conflict resolution, race relations and awareness, interpersonal communications and dialogue that “keeps people talking” versus negative escalation.

The authors are available (both in person) and virtually to meet with your group or organization. This includes:

  • Discussion of Hope, Interrupted
  • How to make Hope, Interrupted and getting to know one another part of your own life.
  • How to move individuals through their own bias.
  • How to turn negative into positive.
  • How to live with HOPE.

Please contact us to discuss timing and fees. When a group meets with the authors, books are provided at a reduced rate.

Jennifer Mooney and Byron McCauley
Jennifer Mooney and Byron McCauley

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