Hope, Interrupted – The Book


Hope, Interrupted is a cautionary tale of hope, fear, optimism, existential dread and living.
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Byron and Jennifer, a Black man who grew up in the South, and Jewish woman who grew up in the North, wrote during six months of COVID, a failing economy, Black Lives Matter and political unrest.



A spotlight literally shone on Jennifer Mooney, a respected communications executive in town admired by seasoned and aspiring marketers, as she delivered a keynote address at a local university ballroom.

“She glowed like a celebrity behind a podium. I didn’t know her that well, but I had the nerve to ask her if she would share her presentation with me,” said Byron, one of 500 people who heard her.  “She said ‘she wasn’t sure,’ but she said it in a very kind way. I liked her immediately. Later, a ‘clean’ version of her PowerPoint showed up in my inbox.”

Byron was a columnist for the local paper and Jennifer liked his work. One day, they met for coffee, and a deep and lasting friendship was born.

Hope interrupted is a cautionary story of hope and fear. It is a story of optimism and existential dread. It is a story of choosing to live fully in a country enduring unprecedented challenges.

Byron is a Black man who was born and raised in the South. Jennifer is a Jewish woman who grew up in the North. They are friends who wrote to each other daily over six months of COVID, a failing economy, challenged social justice and political unrest. They are average Americans, born two years apart who jointly experience family, working lives, marriage, health and the future of a fractured nation.

Written from the Midwest, Mountain West and South, they explore the mood that traverses our country. Byron, an award-winning columnist and business executive and Jennifer, an award-winning communications executive with scholarship in psychology lean into hope and ask if there is or ever truly was, an American Dream.

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