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Hope, Interrupted

Hope, Interrupted is a cautionary tale of hope, fear, optimism, existential dread and living.

Byron and Jennifer, a Black man who grew up in the South, and Jewish woman who grew up in the North, wrote during six months of COVID, a failing economy, Black Lives Matter and political unrest. They are average Americans, born two years apart who jointly experience family, working lives, marriage, health and the future of a fractured nation. Written while generally 1,300 miles from each other, they explored the mood and attitude that traversed the United States.

The locations of Ohio, Louisiana and New Mexico are central to their story.

Their work explores what it means to be an American and what the future holds for their offspring and the next generation. It reflects upon what their own ancestors’ may have envisioned decades earlier. This includes reflections and introspection of their own lives aligned with a world experiencing a full-blown crisis.


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What a, in a sense, be listening in on 2 people, of different life stories...sharing their thoughts in real time, of America under assault...the trifecta...the pandemic, a collapsing economy and a virulent movement of white supremacy....


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A must read in our times...

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You’ll laugh in one chapter, and you’ll cry the next. You’ll feel the pain of heartbreak and the fury of well-deserved anger as Byron and Jennifer relive 2020 - a year most of us would rather forget - in this poignant and deeply personal journey....

Ken H. Fortenberry
Ken H. Fortenberry


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